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Title:Wandering Hamster Demo Genre:RPG
Developer:Hamster Republic ProductionsYear:2004
Description:An excellent RPG made with the Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine. The gameplay is great and the story is well written and funny. The graphics are very good, but they range from good to excellent. The excellent graphics prevail, but there is room for improvement. Also, there is whole lot of cool cinematics in the game. Since this is a demo it contains roughly three hours of play time, but there is a lot of different content in the demo. You won't be bored. The demo features nice background music, but no sound effects. Highly recommended!
Download:Available (1187 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:9 / 10

Developer:Manuel KammermeierYear:2005
Description:Dark Woods clone on German. It features the same concept and 27 levels (plus 9 tutorial levels). I has all the fun of the original and it looks like a well designed game. The package comes with a level editor. You can play the game without knowing German, but I don't recommend it (a lot of text is present in the game, like level descriptions).
Download:Available (305 KB)Extra Download:Available
Screenshot: AvailableScore:5 / 10

Title:WaterQuest Legend 1Genre:Adventure
Developer:Mike SnyderYear:1992
Description:A cool Zelda-style action/adventure game. You play the role of Prince Ralum in his search of the LifeLake. Prince Ralum was a prince who doubted his ruling abilities and wanted to find the fabled LifeLake in order to cure his old and sick father, the king. The game features screen by screen movement and average EGA graphics. It's a mediocre-sized game which involves battling monsters and finding and using many objects in order to complete the game. The action part of the game is somewhat weak (outdated), as the game was coded quite early in the QBasic game design history (created in 1992; revised in 2001). Also, the adventure part is limited in a certain way. The game doesn't feature real dialogues, just events that are triggered and friendly characters (which are never seen but hidden in shops/houses) saying different things after a certain object is bought or given to them. Still, these flaws are hindered by excellent gameplay. WaterQuest features many carefully designed dungeons to explore, interesting puzzles, and overall excellent flow. A forgotten QBasic gem. You will most likely need DOSBox to play the game, but that emulator is recommended as you can control the game speed easily, which is somewhat cumbersome to set otherwise.
Download:Available (226 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:5 / 10

Title:WetSpot 2Genre:Action
Developer:Angelo MottolaYear:1998
Description:Excellent sequel to excellent WetSpot. It features slightly better graphics, more levels and Sound Blaster sound effects and music. The same excellent gameplay. Supports two players cooperative mode. Recommended!
Download:Available (392 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:8 / 10

Title:WetSpot ver.0.99Genre:Action
Developer:Angelo MottolaYear:1996
Description:An excellent action game where you control a crab and kill monsters by pushing bricks on them. Very nice graphics and challenging gameplay. 21 levels. No sound effects or music. Supports two players cooperative mode. A note: this is the last version of the game ever released.
Download:Available (214 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:6 / 10

Title:Wheel of Fun ver.0.1aGenre:Puzzle
Developer:Daniel KalnaYear:1996
Description:A computer version of Wheel of Fun, the TV game. Very simple and unimpressive game design. Below average graphics, PC Speaker sound effects. No opponents, no progress. A coffee break game. You can add your own puzzles. I don't know why the designer considers this game unfinished. Oh, well.
Download:Available (16 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:3 / 10

Title:WillyBoy ver.2.00Genre:Puzzle
Developer:Folker FritzYear:2003
Description:A game where you move a bush (!?) through mazes with the goal to reach the exit. The interesting part is that you can't go backwards and there are many obstacles. Challenging game (20 levels), but the graphics are very static (tile by tile movement, no animation). The package includes a level editor.
Download:Available (62 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:4 / 10

Title:Worm WarsGenre:Action
Developer:Jack ThomsonYear:1996
Description:A Snakes duel game for two human players only. You and your opponent move around the screen while leaving a trace. The goal is to survive longer than the opponent. Worms die if they hit the wall or any piece of trace. Despite few interesting features in the gameplay, the poor graphics, poor choice of control keys and lack of the computer opponent make this game very unappealing.
Download:Available (4 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:3 / 10

Developer:Joe AntoonYear:2001
Description:A nice Snakes/Nibbles clone where you control (steer) a snake while collection numbers and avoiding obstacles. Below average Sound Blaster sound effects. Nice graphics and very good gameplay. 9 levels and a save game option is available. A note that this is not a complete game. The designer released it with few missing features, but this version is close to a complete product.
Download:Available (231 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:5 / 10

Title:WORMS! With Human HeadsGenre:Platform
Developer:Ben PikoYear:1996
Description:A poor platform game with few annoying bugs. The graphics are below average and the design is very sloppy. Quite few changes had to be done to make this game playable (I've provided the altered source code compiled). The game is playable and the levels are challenging, but the poor look and design of the game prevail.
Download:Available (72 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:2 / 10

Title:Wrath Of Sona, TheGenre:RPG
Developer:Lost socK softwareYear:1999
Description:An average RPG whose strongest sides are its gameplay and length (size). Pixel-based movement. Turn-based battles. The Wrath Of Sona features very unbalanced quality of the graphics (from horrible to very good) and overall it's poorly designed. The game is accompanied with nice background music tracks. Many places, characters and events in this game don't sit well with me, seem out of place or don't make logic. I guess if you are into turn-based RPGs you might like The Wrath Of Sona. The author of this game doesn't consider it finished.
Download:Available (6481 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:5 / 10

Developer:Andreas MeileYear:1999
Description:An ASCII puzzle/action game on German with some similarities in gameplay to Nibbles. Not all the levels play the same. The game plays too jerky and it's rather discouraging. If you die you have to start the level all over. PC Speaker sound effects.
Download:Available (59 KB)Extra Download:None
Screenshot: AvailableScore:3 / 10