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After over 9 years I'm back with an update. Doesn't that sentence at the end of the last update feel funny now. Anyway, nothing grand, only news that I changed the host thanks to Plasma (didn't even notice the old URL was down). I took the time to update some of the outdated information on the website, and began revising my descriptions of the games, which from today's standpoint appear too harsh. But you must forgive me and consider the mindset I was in with testing and playing of countless subpar QBasic games, trying to weed out the good ones. For the future I'm interested in overhauling the look of the website, and of course, always to add another previously missed QBasic game of note. But besides mere preservation, I'm not sure I can find time time to do anything bigger regarding this project. Don't hesistate to contact me if you have ideas and wishes to contribute in some meaningful way. My email is in the contact section and unchanged every since I went online over 15 years ago, so if you want to reconnect and talk about the past, or your future retro game dev projects, I'm here for you. I'm a good listener. :)

News posted by Dean Janjic

Yup, I'm updating the site! 12 new games in this update.

The updates are:

Air Attack (5/10)
Avenger 3D (4/10)
Birth of the Devil II (1/10)
Bug! (3/10)
Germs (4/10)
Invaders from Planet X (3/10)
Labyrinth (4/10)
PC Poker (3/10)
Puzzle (3/10)
WaterQuest Legend (5/10)
IDKFA (6/10)
Snow Palace (4/10)

I apologize for not including more rescent QBasic games I have been wanred on, but there were many in my collection (and there still are) I want to add first, mainly because I already reviewed and scored them. Hopefully in the next update there will be room for more rescent QBasic games. Out the the lot in this update I highly recommend WaterQuest, a lost QBasic gem from 1992 (a Zelda-style action-adventure game).

Let's hope it won't take me so long to compile the next update.

News posted by Dean Janjic

No, you are not imagining. I'm updating the site. I didn't give up on the project. I simply didn't have an access to the web. Finally I acquired my own Internet connection (and an employment, boo-ho!) and despite the ridiculously slow speed of this connection, it's mine and I can do with it what I want and when I want!

Anyway, several months ago Plasma gave me a collection containing more than 300 QBasic games, mostly of earlier date (pre 1998). You can assume what a painstaking job it was to check all these games, or what the authors of many of these programs call games. I was able to extract some 60 games from the collection (I was smart enough to take screenshots in the process so updating will be much easier in the several next updates), which are now scheduled to be added in the database. Together with some 3-4 games I had left from earlier, I'm predicting 2-3 future updates, containing 10-12 games each, in the next several months. 4 updates after this are prepared in the sense that the games are chosen and the initial scores are given.

Anyway, the games added in this update are:

Aliens (1)
Cyclone (7)
Kamikaze Aliens IV (3)
Kamikaze Aliens VIII (1)
Pipeline (4)
Pong 97 (5)
Slowdown (4)
Slussen Fighters (2)
Space PsYcHo! (2)
Stunt Surfer 3.3 (2)

Pop on every entry. You never know what you can find. Especially if you are a collector. And once again, notify me of any game you think I should add in the database.

Also, there are few score changes. Ants: The Exodus' score was changed from 5 to 6. Martian Venture's score was changed from 6 to 7. Kingdoms' score was changed from 6 to 7. The RPG ALPHA's and TheGame's scores were changed from 4 to 5. The more I think about my scoring system, the more I'm annoyed with my highly demanding requirements and how they ended up evaluating some games, but what is done is done. All I can do now is make some necessary corrections like these ones. Anyway, nobody complained on the scores (there was one complaint on the description). But that could be that not enough people care or know about the site for such complaints to appear. One guy in the site's forum didn't know that the forum in question was the forum of this freaking site! Unbelievable. Oh, yes. The forum link has been redirected to the new (the proper) forum.

Until next update, good luck! ;)

News posted by Dean Janjic

Yet another update. I seem to be able to maintain this site more active than I thought, although it is very unlikely that I will continue in this manner. I finally downloaded Plasma's wonderful patch for DQBsetFrameRate in DirectQB 1.5+ and was able to patch several games that earlier didn't work in Windows XP because of the mentioned routine (DQBsetFrameRate). This includes 6 games out of 9 from this update. The archives of these games now include both original EXE files plus the patched versions of them. The quality of the 6 patched games motivated me to give few on my usual 'to do' list one more spin and add them in the database. The games included in this update are as follows:

The Adventures
Air Unit Z
ALEXsoft's Arkanoid
King's Land
Super Sumo Wrestling 2
The Tales of Griffin
XBall IV

Few really cool games in there so be sure to check them out. As for other updates, I added Plasma's great utility called EMS Magic in the 'Extra Downloads' section, which will definitely help those who have problems with allocating XMS or EMS memory on their PCs.

I'm still not happy I can't test few really great games from the Pending list, like Shadow of Power or ATTE 2, but one can't do the impossible. Just I note that I'm fully aware of the high quality of these two games. If anyone is willing to step up and email me all the necessary data for these two games, be my guest. And don't forget to mention in which Windows version the games worked for you. ATTE 2 works fine in DOSBox, but my PC is too slow to run it with optimum speed.

Oh, you probably noticed. I slightly redesigned the site. I hope you like the changes. The links in the menu also supposed to change their look, but I didn't have the latest version of the menu PHP file at home and therefore couldn't work on it. Together with these changes, many grammar/spelling fixes were done on the site and game descriptions.

Until next time, play QBasic games like you got some sense! :P

News posted by Dean Janjic

We are back with another update! I had time to go through all the entries once more and I think I managed to improve the descriptions substantially. Or not. Anyway, I'm much happier with them now. Several scores were changed and the tone in two descriptions was notably changed (Qnoid and Mysterious Song). The games with changed scores are as follows: Blobble (from 2 to 3), Dark Quest (from 6 to 5), Lineality (from 5 to 4), Ludatris (from 4 to 3), Mysterious Song (from 7 to 6), Pong Mania (from 3 to 4), Qnoid (from 3 to 4), Rockwars 2000 (from 4 to 3), Save ouR Xeny mission (from 2 to 3). I will post in the forum the reasons for these changes. If you want to discuss there, post! I also added 3 new games in the database. These include:

Commander Pang
The Tales of Sophy

I have few more games to add, but my time didn't allow me to include them in this update. Anyway, those are mostly games I have to score with 3 or less so I'm not in the mood. I added 11 more screenshots of the games already present in the database (Blobble, Four In A Row, Hang Dan, Hangman!!, High Noon, Kamikaze Aliens VI, KaPong, Kingdom of Lalore II, Mega Hacker!, QB Defend, QB Roids). Pong Mania download was updated with an executable game file (courtesy of me). Few screenshots were fixed. Tricky games list was updated too. And that would be it.

Nothing about future updates. Sorry.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Big and happy announcement! The downloads are now available! Over 450 files! The downloads will be hosted on another server since that is the only place where I can upload the files with the current connection. The space on the server in question is owned by Hard Rock and many thanks to him for providing the space and bandwidth. Be sure to report any dead link (screenshot or download).

I also made some changes with the site's search engine. I cannot promise any new changes in the site format soon, since I can't predict the development of my real life for the next 6 or more months. There are plans to go through the descriptions once more. I know they are of rather poor quality but I gave my best. If only I could have an English-speaking person by me so we could go through ever description and fix them properly. I asked Mark to open a forum for the site since that's the best way to communicate with the users. This is up to him.

The database should also be updated soon with 6 games and quite few fixed descriptions (this might happen today). These games are:

Ancient Heroes
Chrystal Winter
Femme Fatality
The Key Hunter 2
LogicMind 3

If any of the games listed is present in the database, the database has been updated. Beside that, there are some 10 games more on my current to do list. I might find time and will to add them, but this is not very high on my priority list.

Until I come back to completely redesign the site, enjoy the downloads!

News posted by Dean Janjic

The QBasic Games Directory is now officially open! Meaning it's been open for testing for some time now, but it wasn't absolutely functional. There is no fixed date for the arrival of actual downloads. Please be patient!

News posted by Mark

Date lost
The QBasic Games Directory was linked to from's main page after May 2006. Actual date when QBasic Game Directory went live is unknown. Please stick around while we update. I apologize profusely to Dean. He's been very patient with me, but he's at the end of his rope, it seems.

News posted by Mark

This site has been constructed offline by me and Mark Wilhelm will be hosting it on his domain. For now the site is not featuring download links but is featuring all the screenshots I took(around 420) so you can check a screenshot of almost every game in the directory. As far as content and functionality this site represents most of the things I originally imagined. What might appear in future is user scoring and user comments. Also, paging of large numbers of table dumps might be implemented. For now all the result tables appear on one page no matter how many of them there is. The look of the site is not final and you can consider it temporary. I have in mind something in the line of

I don't know when the downloads will appear because I can't be online often and will be very busy in the next 6-7 months. Also, on the only available Internet connection to me(college) I can't use FTP because of some stupid firewall and we are talking about transferring 210 MB of data. So me and Mark will have to think of something.

Feel free to email me regarding this site but don't expect a hasty reply. This is no good time for me so be kind.

News posted by Dean Janjic